3 Ways to Improve Your Hookah

97b75d21537de5a126bd00bbcf53e25927c6f3876cc7b58d928f700c9452ceedFriday night! Time to throw off the week and chill! Only you light up your hookah and it leaves you blah. You don’t feel your cares wafting away with the too thin smoke your hookah’s putting out.

And NOTHING is as disappointing as smoking to chill and NOT chilling. WHA?

You want to feel your profs and your bosses nagging slip away with each puff. You want to be renewed with energy from the deep inhales and exhales. You want to laugh and make memories with the peeps who share your hookah, but you can’t if you’re fiddling and fidgeting with it to make it FEEL like you’re actually releasing all that when those big pillowy clouds of smoke come barreling forward from your lips.

There are a couple of things you can do to make sure your hookah is doing just that:

  1. Make it cold. Cold smoke is smoother, fluffier smoke. You don’t have to pull as hard to get a bigger billow. And you feel the flavor of the Fumari or whatever you’re smoking.

    To make it cold, you can put ice in the bell (that’s the glass), or you can use an ice hose. At NAAR, you can have it either way. (Personally, we like the ice in the bottom, but the hoses are fun, too!) Feel the difference cold smoke makes the next time you kick back with your hookah!

  2. Make it right. Using too much or too little tobacco in the head (that’s the clay bowl at the top), means you’ll burn the head faster or it will be harder to pull. When you’re trying to relax, you don’t want to have to pull hard. You want to feel it flow smoothly, naturally. If you’re packing mountains under that foil you cover the head with, all you’ll do is get a good workout trying to make your smoke. And probably a headache from the consistent fighting.

    Loose pack, not too high and not too low is ideal, whether you’re smoking Fumari, Al Fakher (these happen to be part of our 2/$20 Hookah Happy Hour special!), or Starbuzz. Loosen your leaves and pack it in before topping with perforated foil and enjoy!

  3. Make it hot. There’s one thing that really bugs us: Dying coals. It ruins your experience.

    If you sit to smoke and you find yourself taking light puffs now and again (and getting frustrated because the coals are going black again or burning to ash) without making you clouds and clouds of smoke, it’s because you’re not keeping the coals hot by pulling regularly on them. So if you’re smoking alone. Take deep, natural breaths at consistent intervals. If you’re smoking with friends (not more than 3 on one hookah, so you all can enjoy well!), make sure your smokemates are puff, puff, giving…Hose hoarders who mess up the flow, also mess up your hookah experience.

    That’s it for this week! Don’t forget: Live DJ is in the house on Saturday again and college students get a 10% discount with IDs!