5 Reasons Why Your Hookah Sucks

11200905_1585487271725003_8340082733208826165_nMaking the perfect hookah is an art. And true smokers know that you can’t get a traditionally prepped and top shelf hookah smoke just anywhere. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been to places and have been just disappointed by the experience because we don’t smoke just to hold the hose and blow out smoke.

We smoke to savor the flavor of the tobacco. We smoke to relax and let the cares of the day float off with the billows we make. Hookah smoking is a long standing tradition where conversations that solve world problems have been had. And you can’t solve ANYTHING if the hookah sucks.

Here’s why your hookah might suck:

  1. The environment doesn’t put the hookah front and center. It’s about the mindset that you’re going to enjoy creating massive pillows of smoke with the flavors of Double Apple, Mint, or even Blue Mist (whatever you love).
  2. The hookah head doesn’t have the right amount of tobacco. If you over or under pack the head, you’re left with a smoking session that tastes like burned tobacco, instead of your favorite Al Fakher, Starbuzz, or Fumari flavor.
  3. The charcoal is inferior quality. If you have the wrong kind of charcoal, you’ll be left tasting the bitter carbon flavor of its ash. Your throat may burn after a while. And, again, you won’t taste the flavor of the tobacco you chose.
  4. The water in the hookah isn’t right. If you don’t have fresh, clean water, filled to the proper mark on the bell of the hookah, you’ll be left pulling very hard to make fluffy smoke. And you’ll likely get a nasty headache from the repeated strong pull.
  5. Your hookah is dirty.┬áIf you pull on the hose and you’re left with a mouthful of yuck, your place doesn’t clean their hoses. If you’re left trying to figure our if you’re hookah is the flavor you ordered or not, you’re smoking from a dirty hookah. If you taste only burned flavors? You have a dirty hookah.

So you want to make a hookah or have the full hookah experience, make sure you start with a clean hookah, fill it with the right amount of water, pack the head (but don’t over-pack it), and chill with the music and company you enjoy most.

THAT’S how you have a hookah that doesn’t suck.

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