Why Smoke Hookah When You Can Experience It?

What’s the difference between just smoking a hookah and experiencing one?

The atmosphere. The ambience. The way you’re treating from the time you walk in until the moment you walk out.

We’ve heard people say our coal service is one of the best because they didn’t have to wait forever to get new ones. This really just boggles my mind. That’s our job. When people experience hookah at NAAR, they are royalty.

And if you’ve never pulled on a high quality hose, never blown out big fluffy pillows of smoke, well, then…it will be hard to explain.

Experiencing hookah is about relaxing after a stressful day on campus or at work. It’s about hanging with friends on the weekend and kicking it to killer tunes. It’s about someone else waiting on you, making you feel like a king or queen.

And if you have to ask for coals, if you have to wait for said coals, if you have to sit and wait for more than 10 minutes for your hookah to be prepared? You’re not experiencing hookah, you’re just smoking it. And that, my friend, defeats the entire purpose of social smoke.

The Origins

Social smoking has been around for centuries. Some say it was developed by the Indians, others say the Turkish. The fact of the matter is, it was developed to give kings a way to sit around with their advisors and businessmen and form relationships that would power kingdoms and commerce forward.

It’s a forced way to slow down and enjoy the company you keep and the time you have to talk and, as we used to say back in the day, “solve world problems” (aka chew the fat, etc). We’d spend HOURS talking about all the things we could fix and how we would do it.

Business ideas were born (Hello, NAAR). New lives were created. All because we froze time. With a hookah or 100.

Why Your Royalty Matters

It’s no secret that we’re not from here. We’re from a land where your level of hospitality is the gauge by which you’re measured. And we know and understand that our ability to make you feel like royalty, is our crowning jewel. It not only sets us apart from the fly-by-night competition, but it allows us to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

So when you, no matter who you are (server, student, grandparent, whatever) walk in our door, you walk into your palace.

And THAT’S how you experience hookah instead of just smoke it.